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About Gina's Goat Milk Soap…it all started with an adorable little boy, named Tyler and his family…

When I met Tyler, he was a 6 year old, a very happy, hyper, non-verbal, Autistic child that wouldn't have eye contact with anyone and who was in his own little world.  Tyler did not sleep more than a few hours a night.  He had chronic intestinal issues.  Tyler was a self-limiting eater meaning he would only eat foods high in gluten and/or casein (chicken nuggets, French fries, store-bought yogurt and ice cream).  At that time, Tyler was getting Speech Therapy and occupational (play) therapy, which is what his M.D.'s had been prescribing for him. 

A lot has changed because Tyler's mom, Debbie, wanted her son to have more options in life and to get healthier to whatever degree he could…and she would not accept that he could not recover from this.  So she found different doctors and treatments that go beyond the getting guidance from a pediatrician. 
What is very important to know is that Tyler has taken full advantage of every opportunity he has been given to get better.

Now, Tyler is 8 years old.  He listens to you…he looks at you…he plays…he uses a blanket as a cape, like a superhero…he writes his name…he does arts and crafts…goes to bed when it is time…he sleeps…he has amazing dexterity…he skillfully uses his springboard to communicate…he signs…he now has some words in his vocabulary…he gives hugs and kisses without being prompted to…his small motor skills have improved…he enjoys foods with no gluten/casein…he loves his goat milk SCD yogurt with fruit…he loves his butternut squash…the list of foods that he is "allergic" to has decreased significantly…he stims less…his words come at the right time in a conversation…he has made us learn everything we could about Autism…he has shown so much improvement that regardless of what some doctors say or believe, we know what has and is working and why it works, to get Tyler the ability to communicate freely.

So how did Gina's Goat Milk Soap begin…Tyler needed the goat's milk for the SCD yogurt…after buying milk from the store, we decided to get two goats (so we knew what was going into the milk).  We had more than enough for Tyler so we tried cheese and soap…I was hooked on making the soap and a portion of the proceeds from every bar sold is donated to Tyler's Challenge Foundation. 

For more information on Tyler's road to recovery, click on All  About Tyler's Challenge Foundation.